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Helping Physicians and Busy Professionals Create Financial Freedom and a Better Life.

Miranda Phillips

Miranda Phillips is the co-founder of Elite Wealth and Wellness. She is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, international speaker, and a physician. Dr. Phillips started practicing medicine in 2009 after graduating medical school with a 4.0 GPA and her love for helping others continues to grow. She stands by her lifelong physician oath to ‘Do No Harm’ as she works towards fulfilling her mission of creating wealth and wellness for all.

With a thorough understanding of the codependent relationship between mental and physical health, she has pushed herself hard to find both her intellectual and physical limits.  She has set NCAA intercollegiate women’s soccer records that still stand today and became financially free by her mid-30s. Some of her other life experiences have included international medical mission work, scuba diving, piloting small airplanes, hiking dangerous coastlines, starring on international television, and being a mom and wife. Her adventures and achievements have taught her many lessons in life in addition to granting her a unique perspective of humanity and the world.  She has always been fascinated by the life stories of others and has enjoyed spending many years coaching physicians and other leaders to success in their own lives.  

Paul Stafford

Paul Stafford is the co-founder of Elite Wealth and Wellness. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur, investor, educator, philanthropist, private pilot, and an orthopedic surgeon. He graduated college with a mechanical engineering degree, completed medical school in 1997, and began a career in orthopedic surgery after completing residency and fellowship in 2004. Through self-education and action, he has achieved elite wealth and wellness in his own life and is now passionate about helping others create wealth and wellness in their lives.

Paul has traveled to Africa and Central America on medical trips and gains great perspective on life through visiting third-world countries. He has been a researcher and author in several medical journals. He is an instrument rated private pilot and has spent hundreds of hours in the air appreciating the freedom of flight and the beauty of the world we live in. While he is currently still practicing part time as an orthopedic surgeon, paul most enjoys the time he spends teaching, mentoring, and coaching others to maintain a positive mindset, to maximize their potential, to live a flourishing life, and to gain financial freedom through investing.

“We stand upon the shoulders of giants that came before us to see the dawn of a new generation where giants are created every day.”

– Miranda Phillips

“Financial freedom won’t buy you happiness, but it WILL give you the time and financial resources to design and create your dream life!”

– Paul Stafford

“It is critical to have the humility to recognize that there is always something to be learned from every human interaction.”

– Miranda Phillips

“Make the past your teacher, the present your passion, and your future the motivation to fuel your soul.”

– Paul Stafford

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