About Elite Wealth and Wellness

Elite Wealth and Wellness, the educational branch of Everest Capital Management, is committed to equipping individuals with the mindset, knowledge, and strategies needed to thrive in multifamily investing.

Our primary goal is to raise awareness and provide education specifically tailored to physicians and other busy professionals who may not have a background in real estate. We believe that many professionals face significant obstacles in achieving financial freedom and passive income due to a lack of awareness and understanding in these areas. Without proper training, they often find themselves sacrificing their time, health, and family in pursuit of income.

Our Mission

At Elite Wealth and Wellness, we are dedicated to changing this narrative. Our mission is to offer education, inspiration, and a clear blueprint for financial freedom through multifamily investing. We want to empower individuals to create a more balanced, fulfilling, and healthier life by providing them with the tools and knowledge to achieve lasting financial independence.

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