Finance Video 1 – Wealth and Financial Mindset

The first step in changing any part of your life is becoming aware of your current limiting beliefs and actions. This video explicitly identifies the predominant financial mindset of our culture and introduces a new and more productive “investor’s” mindset. You must first change your mindset if you are going to pursue a purposeful path to wealth.

Finance Video 2 – Introduction to Investing

While many people may have investments, few are actually “investors”. Being an investor is a purposeful decision and requires specific actions. This video discusses the differences between consumers and investors with regard to money flow and budgeting. It also introduces an investor’s income statement, balance sheet, and explains the essential wealth building concepts of leverage and velocity.

Finance Video 3 – Where to Invest Your Money

Most people are familiar with traditional investments such as 401k’s, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, yet they are usually completely unaware of the realities and downsides of these assets. This video highlights the effects of market volatility, managed-fund fees, and market crashes on these traditional investments. We then compare the performance of real estate to traditional investments and introduce the specific advantages of multi-family real estate.

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